Zoom Workshops

Please register for classes here https://yourcosmicconnections.com/pages/bertena-varney

2023 Zoom Workshops

Costs $20 per class

Learn about the various types of meditation that can be practiced even if you don’t think that you can meditate and then end with a meditation to manifest what you want in the new year. Everyone will receive a link to her google Classroom full of Self Care Videos, Meditations, Affirmations, and Free PDF’s.

In this workshop you will learn how to plan time for self-care no matter how busy you are. This class will include journaling, planner, and meditation workshops. Everyone will receive a PDF of her Self Care Ritual Planner before class so that they can use it during class to plan the most relaxing new year.

Join Bertena as she takes you through the history of tea leaves and how they came to be in the US. She will then show you the most popular way to read tea leaves and share with you the common symbols and their meanings. Bring a cup of loose leaf tea and learn the secrets that the cup holds for you. One person will receive a copy of her Tea Leaf Reading Journal.

We have all seen those pretty pendulums that may come as a necklace, bracelet, or talisman. They look beautiful and draw us to them. We know the purpose of the crystal, but do we know how to use this in our daily lives? Join Bertena as she teaches you all about the beautiful pendulum and how to use it in your daily life to change the energy around you, to manifest things in your daily life, for use with tarot cards, and more. Everyone will receive a PDF of her Introduction to Pendulums Workbook.

Come join me as we explore a few self-love rituals for Valentine’s Day. Bring your favorite crystals (rose and clear quartz are best), while I guide you through a self-love meditation as well as drawing cards to help guide us through the year. We will also do a few other rituals such as creating a self-love mantra and releasing anything that holds you back.

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