Using The Physical Body To Connect With Guides And Spirit

Communication from Spirit Guides is somewhat of a mystery to most of us, but yet, there are those who say they can openly communicate with other-worldly beings they call Guides and spirits. There are a variety of ways in which a Guide or a departed spirit can communicate with a medium or psychic. Often theseContinue reading “Using The Physical Body To Connect With Guides And Spirit”

Channeling Your Spirit Guides

Spiritual channeling is a process whereby an individual becomes the channel and the spirit speaks for them. Instead of contacting departed loved ones the entities that normally come through are Spirit Guides. Many channelers encounter the same entity or entities repeatedly. The entities that are being channeled, often discuss a particular subject that is normallyContinue reading “Channeling Your Spirit Guides”

7 Steps To Connect With Your Angel Guides

Angels are truly universal. The Pew Foundation reported that 72% of Americans believe in angels. This is a much higher percentage than Americans who believe in any world religion, because angels are fundamental to most of the world’s major religions. We find them in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Mormonism and many other spiritual traditions.Continue reading “7 Steps To Connect With Your Angel Guides”

Divine Companions: Angels And Spirit Guides

Even when you feel as though you are completely alone, there are divine companions who are always with you. Before your incarnation they chose to accompany you through your lifetime, from the moment of your first breath, until your last. Spirit guides are highly evolved beings that have completed the cycle of birth and deathContinue reading “Divine Companions: Angels And Spirit Guides”