Yoga Journal This is a great journal for yoga students to show their intention for each class as well as their progress with their practice. Very simple to personalize. It helps with seeing your progress in both a variety of yoga classes as well as your poses. Must have for new yoga students.

An Advanced Tarot Journal An Advanced Tarot Journal contains journal pages for the advanced tarot reader. The pages are sectioned for the 3 card draw- past present and future as well as a section for them to create their own spreads. It’s great to help empower the reader’s intuition. This book is used on my online tarot classes.

Tea Leaf Reading Journal The Ancient Art of Tea Leaf Reading is lost to many of the young readers today. This Tea Leaf Reading Journal is great for those that are beginning to read tea leaves. It allows the reader to record the symbols, numbers, and the time flow that they find in the cup. This book isContinue reading “Tea Leaf Reading Journal”

A Daily Reflection Journal About the Daily Reflection Journal. The Daily Reflection Journal contains 100 blank pages where the owner can reflect throughout the day their thoughts or experiences that they may want to cherish forever. This journal is great for writing, drawing, or even placing items on the page for remembrance.

Mindfulness Journal This Mindfulness Journal provides the writer directions on how to set an intention for each day that helps them focus on being mindful of that day. There is lots of space for the writer to journal as well as put into place and reflect on each day’s activities. It is a great resource thatContinue reading “Mindfulness Journal”