Daily Inspiration: Because I Love Myself

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This Weeks Events

Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a.great day today. Reminder that there are no classes tonight. We begin back slowly this week with the following classes that are $5 each Monday6pm Chair Yoga Wednesday6pm Restorative Yoga 7pm Manifesting Your 2021 Meditation. I will help you create in your mind and manifest the 2021 thatContinue reading “This Weeks Events”

Reiki Journal

https://www.amazon.com/Reiki-Journal-New-Self-Care/dp/1097957462 This Reiki Journal focuses on the 5 Reiki Principles as the prompts for each day. It allows the writer to choose from one of five for the writer’s intention for the day. It also provides an area where Reiki students can jot down notes about the most important points of their lessons and readings.ThisContinue reading “Reiki Journal”