The Magic Of Reiki

What is Reiki anyway? Reiki is a kind of holistic therapy that was based on the concept of Eastern energy flow with the conglomeration of seven chakras. Chakras are the energy centers in the human body. According to some of the therapy experts, the human body has seven focal points. The therapy of Reiki concentratesContinue reading “The Magic Of Reiki”

How To Choose A Reiki Master

There are numerous teachers, institutions, training courses, and practitioners of Reiki all over the world to choose from. This can open up a pool of confusion, especially for interested apprentices. As a would-be Reiki student, finding the appropriate Reiki Master can truly be challenging. You should look for a teacher who has the full energyContinue reading “How To Choose A Reiki Master”

Reiki For Stress Management

Stress is overwhelmingly affecting people in our society today. Busy with work, home, family, and many other daily tasks, stress piles on without us realizing it. That’s why so many people are turning to the stress-reducing techniques used in Reiki, a spiritual energy used with healing, meditation and spiritual growth. Introduction to Reiki When aContinue reading “Reiki For Stress Management”

Self Healing Through Reiki

Learning the Program of Self-Healing For you to be able to acquire the depth of the knowledge on Reiki’s self-healing process, you must devote time to practice. If you have your spirit, mind, and heart in Reiki, you will surely succeed. The Allotted Time for Self-Healing The Reiki system of self-healing is best done byContinue reading “Self Healing Through Reiki”

Reiki As An Alternative Healing Process

Maybe you are not familiar with Reiki, don’t worry, you are not alone. To start with, Reiki is associated with natural holistic healing or a healing where pharmaceutical drugs and medical surgeries are just an alternative in case the system of holistic healing fails. Reiki is an early form of energy healing in which aContinue reading “Reiki As An Alternative Healing Process”