An Intro To The Suit Of Wands

The tarot deck consists of 56 suit cards called the Minor Arcana and 22 cards called The Major Arcana. The Suit of Wands in the Tarot deck is also called rods, batons, staffs, or clubs depending on the deck. The element that the Wands is represented by is Fire. Its direction is South and theContinue reading “An Intro To The Suit Of Wands”

An Intro To The Suit Of Cups

The suits of Cups in a Tarot deck are correlated to suits of hearts in regular playing Cards. They are also identified as Vessels, Cauldrons, Goblets or Chalices depending on the type of tarot deck it is associated with. Like the feelings we get that correspond to our hearts; cups represent those types of emotions.Continue reading “An Intro To The Suit Of Cups”