Intro To The 12 Zodiac Signs

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  1. Aries (The Ram, Fire Sign, Cardinal Sign) Represents: New beginnings, adventurer, courage, part of the body is the ‘head’. 
  1. Taurus (The Bull, Earth sign, Fixed sign) Represents: Possessive, calm, relaxed, materialistic, loves creature comforts, part of the body is the ‘neck and throat’.
  1. Gemini (The Twins, Air Sign, Mutable) Represents: Communications, impulsive, changeable, inquiring, intelligent, exploring, part of the body is the ‘lungs,arms, and hands’.
  1. Cancer (The Crab, Water Sign, Cardinal) Represents: The home, shy, emotional, intuitive, protective, domestic, part of the body is ‘stomach and breasts’. 
  1. Leo (The Lion, Fire sign, Fixed) Represents: Ownership, pride, ego, power, children, passion, works well alone, part of the body is the ‘heart and spine’.
  1. Virgo (The Virgin, Earth sign, Mutable) Represents: Attention to details, worrying, practical, analytical, discriminating,clean, a perfectionist, part of the body is the ‘colon’.
  1. Libra (The Scale, Air sign, Cardinal) Represents: Marriage and union, partnerships, diplomatic, compassionate,balanced, part of the body is the ‘kidneys’.
  1. Scorpio (The Scorpion or Eagle, Water sign, Fixed) Represents: Intense, death, rebirth, responsibility, genuine, purification, the mafia of the zodiac, the part of the body that is the ‘sexual organs’.
  1. Sagittarius (The Archer, Fire sign, Mutable) Represents: Truth, religion, philosophy, generous, frank, enthusiastic, reason rather than emotion, adventurer, part of the body is ‘lower back and thighs’.
  1. Capricorn (The Goat, Earth sign, Cardinal) Represents: Practical vision, unemotional, sober, orderly, control, manipulating, power, dependable, part of the body is the ‘knees’.
  1.  Aquarius (The Water Bearer, Air sign, Fixed) Represents: Detached, team work, friends, unconventional, humane, independent, warm, part of the body is the ‘legs and hips’.
  1. Pisces (The Fishes, Water sign, Mutable) Represents: Intuitive, accepting, understanding, impressionable, part of the body is the ‘feet and ankles’. 

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