Create a Unique Scrapbook with Everyday Items You Already Have at Home

Scrapbooking has become a popular pastime through the past few years.  If you’ve investigated it, you know that it can easily become an expensive one as well.  But with some creativity, you can use the everyday items in your house to create a scrapbook that reflects your individual personality and style. 

After you’ve selected your favorite photos and mementos for your scrapbook, look around you.  You’ve probably looked at items around your house hundreds of times without considering their scrapbook potential.

If you’ve got photos from a favorite vacation, look around to see what you have around your home that reminds you of that trip.  Postcards, souvenirs and even travel brochures that can be cut apart are great ways of building a great vacation page or section.

If you’re building a school days page, report cards, awards, certificates, ribbons, graded assignments, and even notebook doodles are clever enhancements.  Paper clips or crayon wrappers work nicely.

Pressed flowers, handwritten poetry, and clippings from magazines can also nicely enhance a wedding or engagement page.  Be sure to jot down details of the day you want to be sure you remember.  Use the fronts of some of your favorite cards and remnants from saved gift wrap as backgrounds for your photos. 

Ribbons and gift wrap remnants also work well for baby’s page.  Be sure to include an announcement card and a copy of baby’s footprints.  You might also want to tuck in a corner of a baby blanket or a page from a favorite storybook. 

Even remembrance pages can reflect your own personal memories of your lost loved one.  Enhance your favorite photos with a label from a favorite perfume or cologne, food, beverage.  Movie ticket stubs, buttons, newspaper articles, handwriting samples and favorite quotes or funny moments jotted down on paper can make your page special. 

With a fresh look at some ordinary, everyday items, your scrapbook can take on a personal and individual flair. 

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