My Yoga Journals for Students and Teachers

A couple of years ago, I began publishing some journals for personal use and out of that came my yoga journal for students and teachers.

The Yoga Journal for Students is a great journal for yoga students to show their intention for each class as well as their progress with their practice. It’s very simple to personalize no matter the style of yoga that you practice. It helps with seeing your progress in both a variety of yoga classes as well as your poses. Must have for new yoga students.

The Yoga Teacher Journal is a simple journal for teachers to use for planning for each yoga class. It helps you organize each class with a section for themes, intentions, asanas, breathing practice, and a section for spiritual lessons. It is one of the few journal with lots of space to write the class sequence and that is divided into sections.

Both are only $5.99 on Amazon but you can check out these and my other journals on my website here.

And today there is a huge increase in combining yoga with Reiki so I have a Reiki, Meditation, and Yoga Journal and it’s $9.99. The Reiki, Meditation, and Yoga Journal contains a month of undated sections that allows the writer to note their daily experiences with Reiki, meditation, and yoga. It provides prompts that helps guide the writer to plan what they are going to do as well as reflect on the day. This is the most concise and easy to use journal available. It allows for personal growth and reflection on each section as well as each day.

If you are interested in learning more about my Reiki Certification Class for Yoga Teachers please visit my website here.

I hope that you take a moment to look at each of these are they are great resources for both teachers and students.

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Published by Bertena Varney

I am the owner of A New You Self Care Center.

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