Introduction to Pendulum Workshop

I just finish Introduction to Pendulum Lecture for this Wednesday’s evening Workshop. It’s at 7:00pm CT and is $10.

Here is some information and the link to register for the class through Cosmic Connections – Nashville.
2 people will a reading with me with a pendulum and 2 will win a gemstone pendulum from Cosmic Connections.

In this class, you will learn
1. The history of the pendulum and ancient uses.
2. How to ask and know when to use a pendulum.
3. How to cleanse and use a pendulum.
4. How to create a pendulum board
5. How to answer yes and no questions
6. How to use a pendulum in your tarot readings.
7. How to change your energy and unblock energy and chakras
8. How to bless your food, room, interview, stressful situation, etc.
9. How to use a pendulum to connect to your angels and guides.

Class link to register:

Published by Bertena Varney

I am the owner of A New You Self Care Center.

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