About a New You Self Care

We want to help you find a New You!

Our goal is to help you love the body that you are in and find the You that you have been hiding and to learn to love and embrace the You that you create here- the New You that shows love and acceptance to the whole you!

Here is my story of how I found a New Me and how I can help you find a New You!

A New You Self Care Center came about after I decided to make a lifestyle change and let go of the weight that I had gained over the last 20 years. That’s right I am 49 and trying to let go of the weight that I had gained since I was 29. So, far I have let go of 60 pounds but more importantly I found a NEW ME. I am still on this journey and would love for you to join me.

It really began about 4 years ago when I began yoga and felt that at 280 pounds and 45 years old, I was just embarrassing myself. I tried and quit and then I decided I loved the peace that yoga brought me so I decided to try it again. It wasn’t until I decided to teach yoga that I really began the transformation.

I am a college professor, well I was at that time as I just lost my job in May 2020. So, teaching something always brings me closer to doing and actually being a part of something so it was natural that I would want this with yoga. After attending White Crow Yoga’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Program, I found true peace and acceptance for who I was on and off the mat.

Update: My Teacher’s YTT White Crow Yoga was named as one of the 10 Best Online YTT Program in the US. Please read about it here https://yogapose.com/articles/best-online-ytt-programs-in-the-us/?fbclid=IwAR3YDEgUCIx9PCsxkZYonyejpFTLqcRmIZ8uRZhPDPvrav2bz6COttfXAfY

See, I am still a bigger girl but that’s ok. I am now 220 pounds and 49 years old. What matters is that I am on a journey of wellness and self discovery and I want to take you with me. I recently completed my 300 hour teacher training focusing on mental and emotional wellness and WOW it really hit me that this is what everyone is missing.. the spiritual and emotional connection of yoga and me.

So, I began teaching out of my home and focused on making yoga accessible for everyone. I teach modifications, we use bolsters and straps to go where our body will allow us at that time, and lots of love! I teach restorative yoga that allows your body to destress and let go of cortisol which causes weight gain. There is also yoga nidra a full body meditation, gentle and beginning yoga, chair yoga and a restorative/yin fusion class. All have a theme of wellness or acceptance that is taught throughout the class and reiki is sent to students who are open to receive it.

I later continued with White Crow’s classes on Aqua Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Inflexible Bodies, Core Yoga, and Foam Rolling. Each of these are available for private virtual yoga or private personal training sessions.

But, that was only the beginning. I loved to work out and go to the gym but I noticed my girlfriends wouldn’t go. so I decided to attend FitTour’s classes and become a Certified Personal Trainer and to become specialized in group class instruction, Pilates, weight conditioning, senior classes, and yes even walking classes.

So, now I had all this training and how was I going to put this all together? Well I researched and found a double certification in Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching and Holistic Weight Loss Coaching through Natura Holistic Life Centre. It was exactly what I needed to help me bring about my 20 years plus teaching experience, my new found lifestyle, and combine it with structure and more learning of how to coach and help people.

I have finally found my calling and a ways to provide it to women who feel uncomfortable at the gym or in large classes. I am hoping to empower women to begin to love themselves and go inside when doing yoga and let go of the fears and doubts of the outer worlds. I have seen change just this year in a few of my friends who have allowed me to practice on them in each of these classes. The mobility, confidence and love are wonderful to see and makes me so happy.

I find that the world going virtual for a while kind of kicked me to get started and overcome my fear of cameras. My passion to help others was more than being camera shy.

So, here I am virtually helping you find a new you. I am hoping by spring or summer of 2021 that I can transition back into my home and continue virtually but also have private or very small classes.

So, if you ready to join me on my journey.. let’s go find a NEW YOU!

My Certifications

Academic Higher Education
Masters in Art in Sociology and Criminology
Masters in Social Science and Secondary Education
Bachelors in Art in Social Science and Secondary Education

RYT 500 Certified Yoga Instructor Via Yoga Alliance
Trained via White Crow Yoga in Nashville Tenn
Lineage – Thirumoolar’s Ashtanga Therapeutic Yoga 
Focus on Emotional and Spiritual Wellnes via Yoga and Meditation

Specific Yoga Certifications or Continuing Education Certifications through White Crow Yoga Studio

Restorative Yoga
Aqua Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Core Yoga
Foam Rolling use in Yoga
Yin Yoga

Yoga Through Fitour
Senior Aqua Yoga
Chair Yoga

Other Yoga Trainings
Kundalini Yoga: A New Beginning, A New Life with Mark Keane
Kundalini An Advanced Guide to the Next Level of Yoga with Mark Keane
Journey through the Chakras: 7 Keys to Kundalini Yoga with Mark Keane
Chair Yoga for Healing, Strength and Mobility with Ohm Studio

Group Instructor Fitness Certifications and Specialties through Fitour
Personal Trainer Instructor
Group Class Instructor
Weight Conditioning Instructor
Senior Classes Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Pre and Post Natal Instructor
Walking Instructor
Group Step Instructor
Core and Functional Fitness Instructor

Reiki Certifications
Usui Reiki Master
Grandmaster Certification
Angel Master Reiki
Animal Master Reiki
Kundalini Master Reiki
Karuna Ki Master
Fairy Reiki
Warrior Goddess Reiki
Elemental Reiki
Karmic Reiki
Self Love Reiki
and many more

Meditation Certifications
Mindfulness Meditation
Guided Meditation
Past Life Meditation
Spiritual Meditation
Mantra Meditation

Other Certifications
Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
Holistic Weight Loss Coach
Self Care Coach
Spiritual Coach
Event Planning Certification
Wedding Planner

Learn more here https://anewyouselfcare.com/about/


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I am the owner of A New You Self Care Center.

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