Alternative Therapies

Here is a list of interesting alternative therapies that are available widely today.

Biofeedback: Learning to control muscle tension and “involuntary” body functioning, such as heart rate and skin temperature, can be a path to mastering one’s fears. Biofeedback is used in combination with, or as an alternative to, medication to treat disorders such as anxiety, panic, and phobias. For example, a person can learn to “retrain” his or her breathing habits in stressful situations to induce relaxation and decrease hyperventilation. Some preliminary research indicates biofeedback may offer an additional tool for treating schizophrenia and depression.

Guided Imagery or Visualization Meditation: Guided Imagery or Visualization Meditation process involves going into a state of deep relaxation and meditation and creating a mental image of recovery and wellness. Physicians, nurses, and mental health providers occasionally use guided imagery or visualization meditation to treat alcohol and drug addictions, depression, panic disorders, phobias, and stress.

Massage therapy: The underlying principle of massage therapy is that rubbing, kneading, brushing, and tapping a person’s muscles can help release tension and pent emotions. Massage therapy has been used to treat trauma-related depression and stress. A highly unregulated industry, certification for massage therapy varies widely from State to State. Some States have strict guidelines, while others have none. 

Telemedicine: Plugging into video and computer technology is a relatively innovation in health care. Telemedicine allows both consumers and providers in remote or rural areas to gain access to mental health or specialty expertise. Telemedicine can enable consulting providers to speak to and observe patients directly. Telemedicine also can be used in education and training programs for generalist clinicians. Telephone counseling: Active listening skills are a hallmark of telephone counselors.

Electronic communications: Technologies such as the Internet, bulletin boards, and electronic mail lists provide access directly to consumers and the public on a wide range of information. On-line consumer groups can exchange information, experiences, and views on mental health, treatment systems, alternative medicine, and other related topics.

Reiki Healing: The underlying principle of Reiki healing is to allow the universes energy to come to you through a Reiki practitioner and your body receives the energy and this relaxation allows your body to heal itself.

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