White Crow Yoga named in 10 Best Online YTT Programs in the US

I am so excited when I read this morning that the Yoga Studio where I received my 200 and 300 YTT was just named one of the 10 Best Online YTT Programs in the US. I loved each of her classes. The classes are very thorough and the videos are very professional and detailed. I know that I learned so much more as I could go back and reread and rewatch everything if I had a question. The organization is by topics and subtopics and she is thorough with the anatomy and physiology. You can tell that she holds an advanced degree in physiology. This is a great class that I highly recommend. congratulation Mary on all your hard work!

Here is what the article said:

White Crow Yoga’s RYT 200 online yoga teacher training offers the same quality education that a face-to-face training offers. The course teaches Thirumoolar’s Ashtanga Therapeutic Yoga, where the importance of modifying poses and selecting postures appropriate for each person is emphasized, along with emotional, mental and spiritual practices. Students learn proper alignment, cueing and sequencing, safety, anatomy and Sanskrit for over 125 asanas. Students work with subtle energy to discover a deep spiritual connection and benefit mentally and emotionally. This program is not just educational; it is transformational at all levels; the program operators understand that you must experience the transformational power of yoga for yourself before you can teach others. This program ensures students are fully confident in their teaching abilities, and offers students the same teaching opportunities and feedback as you would expect from an in-person training. This course is $2,300.

Please read about it here https://yogapose.com/articles/best-online-ytt-programs-in-the-us/?fbclid=IwAR3YDEgUCIx9PCsxkZYonyejpFTLqcRmIZ8uRZhPDPvrav2bz6COttfXAfY

Yoga teacher helping assist a student.

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