This weeks events

Here are next weeks events.. everything from free meditation and tarot to learning yoga and how to scry.

All of these are on zoom so please message me here or text me at 859-437-0082 to register.

All times are central time.

Sunday 730pm FREE Tarot Meet Up. We have some students who need to practice their tarot card  readings so come and enjoy and see what the cards have for you

5pm Yoga for Inflexible Bodies $5.
Many people say they aren’t flexible enough for yoga.. well this is the class for you. 45 minutes and very beginner.

6pm Chair Yoga $5.
Great for those that need the balance of a chair or want to learn how to do yoga at work. Great for beginners.

7pm Yoga Nidra $5
Also known as yogic sleep. Come in your pjs relax on your bed and allow me to.balance your mind, body, and soul.

Tuesday 6pm
Week 1 of the 4 week series on How to Scry.
If you can’t make it then it is recorded for you. $10 a week or $35 if you pay for all 4 at once.

Each week we will learn a different scrying medium .. candles, mirrors, crystal balls and tea leafs and more. Great class for anyone who is curious.
We have 10 registered so far.

5pm Chair Yoga $5
Great for those that need the balance of a chair or want to learn how to do yoga at work. Great for beginners.

6pm Restorative Yoga $5
Great class for working the knots and kinks out while also relaxing and enjoying the peace.

7pm Meeting  Your Guardian Angel Meditation and Workshop FREE
I will be discussing guardian angels and how they interact with you and then lead you through a guided meditation to meet your guardian angel.
Then we will journal our experiences. Please bring a journal and be ready to relax.

COSMIC CONNECTIONS IS HOSTING and will be giving away a small angel sculpture to someone who attends the class. We have almost 40 registered so far.

6pm Healthy Living Support Group $5

We will be discussing how unique we each are and how to love ourselves more. We will share our weekly goals and then begin a small workout activity. We have 6 registered so far.

Remember all of these are on zoom so if you are shy simply turn off your camera and watch or join in when comfortable.

I hope to see each of you next week. Message me with any questions or to register. or at 859-437-0082

Published by Bertena Varney

I am the owner of A New You Self Care Center.

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