Types of Meditation

1.      Journaling Meditation – Simply spend about 5 minutes envisioning what you want to journal about. If it is a goal, then see yourself getting that goal. See how it feels to have obtained the goal and believe that you have obtained it. Write about these experiences in your journal.

2.      Walking Meditations are great for letting your mind solve problems that you have been trying to deal with throughout your day. Allow yourself to pick one thing you want to think about. Begin to walk. You may walk in a chosen pattern, such as 8 steps forward and turn and 8 steps back. Or, find a peaceful place to walk; somewhere that lets your mind relax so that it may think in a calm and rational way, and not emotionally.

3.      Mindfulness Meditations allow you to focus your mind on a reading, object, memory, or even religious verses. Simply sit in meditation and be mindful of the thought that you chose at the beginning. Allow your mind to only focus on that thought and when distractions come, simply acknowledge them, and let them go. Come back to your focus.

4.      Affirmation Meditation allows you to focus on an affirmation that you chose to focus on for the 5- 10 minutes that you are in meditation. Such as: I am Powerful. I am loved. You repeat these words until the meditation is over. They can be silently spoken or spoken out loud.

5.      Guided Meditation are ones where another person guides you to a deep sleep that results in the release of anxiety, fears, or other issues.

6.      Coloring Meditations is where you color a mandala, a yantra, or even a coloring book. You allow your mind to relax and just let go of stress. You focus on the actual color that you are using, how it feels to you, and what you see.

7.      Gazing Meditations are great for anxiety. Take a candle or mirror and allow your mind to relax and your eyes to soften. You gaze into the candle flame or into the mirror until you are totally relaxed. Many times your subconscious will allow your conscious mind to connect with the answer to a problem or question that you may have had. It will come to you in this meditation.

Published by Bertena Varney

I am the owner of A New You Self Care Center.

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